Calligraphy is beauty beyond mere writing


In a world that screams for your attention, where we are increasingly expecting instant gratification and cannot wait for anything at all, calligraphy hones our concentration, focus, and patience. It can be very calming to sit down with a pot of tea, your favorite music, your Penkraft nibs and ink, and just fill pages and pages with letters. The personal connection to the materials and the haptic effect is very fulfilling. When you practice, you don’t have to achieve something particular, you’re just there in the moment, and that’s good how it is.

Apart from saying “I really want to learn calligraphy, it sounds fun” here are a few reasons to get you motivated.

1. Quicker way of Thinking

Embracing the art of drawing the letterform by hand enacts a particular way of thinking unique to using the hand! Milton Glaser used to say that he couldn’t think without a pencil. With a pencil or pen, you can design a quick sketch of a customized word mark in less than a minute.

2. Calligraphy Helps You Slow Down and Think

As many calligraphers would put it – calligraphy isn’t like regular handwriting. You don’t blitz through it like a doctor would, or like when you’re trying to finish up that final sentence in your essay before time’s up. Calligraphy requires you to slow down and observe every single letter form you create. Some people say calligraphy is an art. We say, calligraphy is drawing with letters.

3. Keeps you connected with the roots

Thousands of years ago, cavemen scratched crude drawings and symbols on walls with stones. For eons, the cumulative history and culture of mankind has been passed down through writings and stories. Yes, some were told orally down the ages, but by and large, history is recorded by paper and ink, persisting through the years. Like it or not, even with the growth of technology, we will always have very distinct roots in the pen and pencil, and you know what? Some things, like traditions and culture, are worth preserving.

4. Calligraphy and Writing can be Therapeutic

Studies have shown that writing, and by extension calligraphy, has a positive psychological effect on the writer. Especially in the cases of patients suffering from life-threatening or terminal illnesses, people struggling with psychological problems or even just stressed out people.

5. Calligraphy is Beautiful

All of us appreciate art in many ways. Whether it’s in the form of Picasso paintings, David Beckham taking a free kick, a blood-red sky as the sun sets over the horizon, or calligraphy. A large majority of society, while they may not have a personal interest in calligraphy, can appreciate it as an art form. There’s no need to seek out a hobby simply because of societal approval, but if you have an interest in it, well, what are you waiting for? You too, can create beautiful calligraphy.

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