5 Famous Traditional Indian Art Forms

5 Famous Traditional Indian Art Forms

India is about many things. We are proud to be a country of cultures, festivals, cuisines, and much more. The 35 states and union territories spread across the country have their own distinct cultural and traditional identities and are displayed through various forms of art. Amid all the art that screams of modern and contemporary styles, there comes a beautiful relief in the form of indigenous and classical. They are our living tradition.

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Abacus Maths

Introduction to Modern ABACUS

ABACUS is an ancient technique that has been in existence since many millenniums & has also played a vital role in both our educational and practical lives. It is a device/equipment that is comprised of a frame and a rod, in which the rod is horizontally attached to the frame along with beads placed on the parallel rod.

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Warli Painting

Introduction to Warli

The Warlis are one of the largest tribes settled on the northern outskirts of Mumbai in Maharashtra and also in Gujarat in Western India. The Warli art is a representation of their culture. It is not an art form, but a way of life for them. The art was first explored in the early seventies.

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