Mandala Art

Healing with Mandala Art Therapy

Mandala is the Sanskrit for Circle or Completion, where one makes mandala a window for self-examination inside.Mandala art is a vessel for allowing thought, and the process of creation is a form of meditation Exercises that relieve stress are quick and easy to do and can be used as a focus for continuous meditation.

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Why one should learn Mandala?

Mandala art helps you relax your mind and body. Whether you draw it or color it, the circles of the mandala art offer a safe container to focus your thoughts, ideas, etc. it is an instrument and a symbol of natural energy inside of you that encourages you to be more whole and stabilizes you.

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Mandala Art

History of the Mandala art

The mandalas were primarily made for spiritual purposes, i.e in meditation, prayers, and healing. These circular drawings represent the ideal form of the Universe in Buddhism. Around 2000 to 2500 years ago, the Buddhist monks traveled via the Silk Road and shared these works of art, these circular drawings to other parts of Asia.

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5 Reasons To Learn Mandala

Mandala art is a traditional art form whose beauty lies in the spiritual connection it makes with the artist creating the art. The term Mandala is derived from the Sanskrit word mandala meaning circle. The art form is believed to have originated in Hinduism and Buddhism as a spiritual and ritual symbol that represents the universe.

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Mandala Art

7 Types of Mandala Designs

Mandala Art is a beautiful art form which is a symbolic and ritualistic representation in Hinduism and Buddhism, considered as one of richest visual objects. The art form is considered as a source for meditation. Following are seven types of mandala designs

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