4 reasons why you should learn calligraphy


Calligraphy is the art of forming beautiful symbols by hand and arranging them well. It’s a set of skills and techniques for positioning and inscribing words so they show integrity, rhythm, harmony, some sort of ancestry, and creative fire.

Learning calligraphy is just like learning an art, it engulfs you in the serenity of beauty. You can even say that reading calligraphy is the closest you can get to hearing music with your eyes. Learning calligraphy is a prize in itself, but if you want some solid reasons to learn calligraphy here is the list of top 5 reasons.

1. It Trains Your Character : If you think writing an essay is difficult, next time try copying out a paragraph from a book in calligraphy. The amount of focus that is required, aiming for consistency in every alphabet, says it all. Discipline in practice, patience in progress.In a world full of attention diversions, and we increasingly expect instant gratification and can’t wait for anything at all, calligraphy sharpens our concentration, focus, and patience.

2. It Helps You Slow Down and Think : As many calligraphers would put it – calligraphy is not anything like regular handwriting. You don’t blitz through it like a doctor would, or like when you’re trying to finish up that final sentence in your essay before times up. Calligraphy requires you to slow down and observe every single letter you create. Some people say calligraphy is like an art, I say, calligraphy is like drawing with letters.

3. It can be Therapeutic : Studies have shown that writing, and by extension calligraphy, has a positive psychological effect on the writer. Especially in the cases of patients suffering from life-threatening or terminal illnesses, people struggling with psychological problems or even just stressed out people.

4. It is Beautiful : All of us appreciate art in its many ways. Whether it’s in the form of Picasso paintings, a blood-red sky as the sun sets over the horizon, or a beautiful piece of calligraphy. I think it’s safe to say that a majority of society, while they may not have a personal interested in calligraphy, can appreciate it as an art form. There’s no need to seek out a hobby simply because of societal approval, but if you have an interest in it, well, what are you waiting for? You too, can create beautiful calligraphy.

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