5 Reasons To Learn Mandala

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5 Reasons To Learn Mandala

Mandala art is a traditional art form whose beauty lies in the spiritual connection it makes with the artist creating the art. The term Mandala is derived from the Sanskrit word mandala meaning circle. The art form is believed to have originated in Hinduism and Buddhism as a spiritual and ritual symbol that represents the universe. Although it may seem like an impossible artistic feat to learn how to draw a mandala, these intricate and impressive-looking designs are, in fact, very easy to learn and draw.
Here are five reasons that will create an interest in the art and make you learn it:

To draw a mandala, there is absolutely no need for anyone to be a professional artist; and everyone can try their hand at it doesn't matter if they are children, adults, spiritual seekers or even stressed out human beings.

It is art therapy. The practice of Mandala has a calming effect on the mind and is probably even more effective in healing than yoga
The practice of both observing and drawing mandalas would perhaps be the most natural meditation one can try; since the sacred circle could represent anything to anyone wholeness, or the strength and unity of the community, or the cyclical progression of time and so on.
There is no compulsion on using a compass or a protractor for creating circular designs. One should definitely opt for creating designs using hands without focusing much on perfection it's creativity that counts.
For children, Mandala is greatly beneficial as it not only has a calming effect on children but also it also helps to them to drastically improve their concentration and focus while also making them understand symmetry.

Besides the above points, Mandala is overall easy to create all you need to do is start with a circle and then start building layers, then fill it with geometrical designs, and finally use a splash of colors!