6 Books By Inspiring women to add to your reading List

6 inpirational books by women author

A writer only begins a Book A Reader finishes it -Samuel Johnson

If you are a reader you are aware of this trap you know that sinking feeling when you read an amazing review, eagerly buy a book off amazon and after reading few chapters of that book you realize it's not that amazing. After that book is gathering dust. So there are many books you can read which are great. But I do have some recommendations for you. But first ( Disclaimer)

This is not about feminism nor is it just about the feminine gender. But we are celebrating the women who broke barriers that are the reason I have put together an awesome reading list by inspiring women from all walks of life.

1. Becoming by Michelle Obama

One of the most talked-about and popular books alike is the first lady. The book is praised for its honesty and warmth and wit. It is a book that teaches you how to own up to our stories and not be afraid of our voices.italso enlightens the topic of helping others who are in need.

2. Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

This is a historical fantasy series on television. It follows the story of a nurse from 1946 who is amid romantic highlands holiday from 18 to century thrown into a world of clans and Jacobean war, she falls for a young warrior called Jamie Fraser. This book is intelligent, heartbreaking, enthralling, heartbreaking and funny.

3. Homegoing by yaa Gyasi

It is the author's award-winning debut. It is a story of two sisters who got separated from slavery in the 17 century. It is a different and gee=neration hoping story.it should be read by everyone. It is one of the most amazing and ambitious books of the past decade.

4. The Terrible by Yrsa Daley-ward

Yrsa model, Poet and activist shares about her childhood which was spent in the northwest of England became adulthood in which she discovered the power of fear and sexuality. It is an award-winning book. It is a beautiful and impressive tale The authors opening line which is poetic is captivating.

5. The way to Build a woman by Caitlin moran

This is the story of Johannah, who attempts to flee her labour roots from Wolverhampton for the brilliant lights of London. As she begins a career as a music journalist she chronicles her struggles to define herself and her sexuality.

6. To the lighthouse by Virginia Woolf

It is a book having no consistent narrator, little dialogue and almost no plot. It mentions a breathtaking and lyrical meditation on womanhood, relationship and different perceptions. This book makes you think about the ability to brainstorming.

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