7 Types of Mandala Designs

Mandala Art

7 Types of Mandala Designs

Mandala Art is a beautiful art form that is a symbolic and ritualistic representation in Hinduism and Buddhism, considered as one of richest visual objects. The art form is considered as a source for meditation. Following are seven types of mandala designs:

Healing mandala

Besides being a beautiful and interesting art form, Mandala art can also prove to be very therapeutic. Mandala design and coloring help one to relieve stress encourages deep reflection, and also heal emotionally. Psychologists, psychoanalysts and therapists have been using mandalas as analytical and therapeutic tools for a long.

Hindu mandala

The mandala design is an important element in Hinduism and its circular form denotes the universe and its infinity, while also representing the nature of life and existence. In Hinduism, the mandala is traditionally a way of meditation to connect with the divine.

Animal mandala

The mandalas designs having a theme of animals may include wide range of options from featuring dogs, horses to even elephants that have an appeal of spiritual symbolism. Animal mandalas, as an artistic tool for children, can supplement learning and provide an outlet for creative expression.

Henna mandala

Part of the ancient tradition of Mehendi, henna mandala designs is very popular in parts of the Middle East, Africa and India. Besides, henna is also popular as a temporary tattoo method and a way to beautifully decorate the body during weddings or other special occasions.

Mandala tattoo

Even if you're not spiritual, choosing a spiritual symbol as the inspiration for your tattoo design might help you in giving a more meaningful appeal to your tattoo. You may consider a mandala-inspired geometric pattern to take your skin art to the next level.

Lotus mandala

Although each Hindu or Tibetan mandala is different, various Indian versions feature the classic lotus blossom as an integral part of the artwork. In Buddhism, the lotus is a symbol of rising above the material world into spiritual union with the entire universe, also known as enlightenment.

Geometric mandala

While beginning the creation of the mandala, the center is traditionally the starting point, allowing geometric designs to radiate out from there. A torus is a combination of two circles rotating around a central point, created using tools like a compass or software. Also, perfect right triangles can be used to fill a design in the Egyptian style.