9 Best Calligraphy fonts you must know


9 Best Calligraphy fonts you must know

Many people have the opinion that Calligraphy is not that interesting as painting. But there are things that prove that notion wrong. Calligraphy has  Fonts, and a lot of them, which make it an awesome art form. Those who practice calligraphy, love to collect and master as many fonts as they can. Some fonts are famous and used by many, here are a few best ones.

This wonderful font is a warm approach to classical and formal scripts. You get unique combinations of letterforms and also get to keep enough space between the letters in both, the capital and small letterings.

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   Poem Script Pro
This is one of the most elegant and stylish fonts ever created. It has many thin cursive details and strokes. As the name says, it is best used to write poems.

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French Kiss
This font is very different from many of the existing fonts. It has separated letters and broader strokes. It looks classic even without any cursive details.

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This one is a chic and flexible font style with detailed rounded angles. The strokes are constant with substantial spacing. It will be ideal for wedding invitations and alike.

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    Samantha Upright Pro
This elegant font style has a lot of curls, beautiful flourishes, and connected strokes. It has more than 2,700 glyphs in it and is good for invitations like weddings etc.

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    Bellissima Script Pro
This font, made in 1844, is inspired by the library of Alex Trochut's grandfather. This awesome script gives a touch of style to your writing.

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    Monte Carlo
This is a traditional type that has many swashes and cursive details, all in one font. It is designed by Rob Leuschke and has many flourishes that go with each other.

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    Dom Loves Mary
This font gives your writing a complementary approach to uniqueness and style. It is a tribute to the in-laws of Debi Sementelli, Dom, and his wife Mary as a font symbol of a beautiful life together.

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This might be an old-fashioned font, but has many stylish scripts and cursive details. It looks luring and controlled, the letters stand out in a crowd. This amazing font can complement any design.
Besides the above, there are so many other fonts that are more frequently used than the others and are a must to master.