9 Ways to Add an Artsy Touch to Your Life

Artsy Touch

9 Ways to Add an Artsy Touch to Your Life

Art doesn't exist in a vacuum and neither do artists represent an alien being. Art belongs to us all and we all have an artistic mind, however, the perception around our artsy self depends largely on how we infuse creativity in our everyday life. We all might go to an art exhibition from time to time but that doesn't make us artsy. Unless you express art through the commonest things in life you don't exactly enhance your life with art. Here are 9 ways how you can add that missing artsy touch to your life in simple ways.

Statement furniture:

Beds and sofas are expensive pieces of furniture that adorn almost every household, however, they aren't the kind of things that impress the eye or satisfy the seeker of creativity. Statement furniture adds a dimension of the artsy in your house. By adding an old Victorian wall clock in a modern drawing-room, or an old Oriental cabinet in your wooden floored library you significantly enhance the look of your house which also becomes an extension of your artsy personality.

Old curios collectibles:

The east is the goldmine for unique remnants of the past, which not only add a sense of history to your home but also tremendously enhances its aesthetic value. War memorabilia, vintage typewriters, old sewing machines, old photo frames, vintage chairs, and rare toys often set the room in the perfect mood. These can sometimes be found at very low prices in antique stores and flea markets, and one such collectible can influence the room significantly.

Up-cycling everyday clothes:

Although more familiar to a bedroom set in modern-day interior designing this can be used in other parts of the house too. The success of this technique depends on the quirk of the design. For instance, even a simple addition of fresh flowers to a basic earthen teapot transforms it into an aesthetically pleasing vintage item. Some readers like to see books around them even more than they want to read them. This often messes up the room and makes it look untidy. Storing them in old steel boxes and metal trunks gives you the sense of the mess that the masochist self wants yet decently avoiding any mess that it can potentially create. Similarly, if you don't find a cloth stand, simply up-cycling a ladder not only creates a functional and durable cloth stand but also gives a different dimension to your room.

Thinking beyond the obvious:

There are many affordable options and mediums that can be used to decorate walls but often when we need to decorate our walls, we only think of paintings. Beautiful metallic flowers, an artistic mirror, an intricate marble hanging, or interesting vintage maps all of these, and more can be perfect for bringing in the artsy touch in you.

Books- got looks:

Beautiful coffee table books are a great way to enhance the acute; cor at home but not too many people think of this. Big books with stunning covers, when stacked together, or placed at angles, look great on coffee tables or even side console tables in the hallway or living room.

Traditional is the key:

Perfect for bringing an ethnic touch into your home, traditional Indian art is exquisite, detailed, and not that expensive. Indian art forms such as Gond, Madhubani, Warli Art, Pichwais, Mughal Miniatures and Tanjores not only adds an artistic touch to your home but also becomes a medium of reflection of your taste and preferences to the world, a window through which they peep into you.

Photo walls:

Create a photo wall by framing some of your favorite photos from weddings, birthdays, travels, etc. Photographs sit on corner tables inside a photo frame and we love displaying personal photographs around the house. Why not add a quirk to them and make the extra statement? Using bold frames of different sizes, and creating an interesting collage to cover a large wall in a stairway, study, or bedroom adds to our sense of aesthetics and artsy element.

Master Artist Prints:

A large painting in the living room always screams for attention. But an original artwork, even by lesser-known artists, could burn a hole in the pocket. Instead, you can invest in limited edition prints of beautiful artworks by master artists, such as Husain, Raza, Vaikuntam, etc. High-quality prints, usually made using the serigraphy technique, have a very similar texture to paintings, and hence, look stunning. So imagine owning an authentic Raza print, signed by the artist himself, for less than 30,000 rupees. Can it get artsier than this?


It is very trendy these days to keep walls empty and show art through them. Adding a splash of colors always helps. Painting an entire wall can be expensive, but adding color to a small part of a wall, or a panel, using an interesting pattern, can look extremely artistic, and most importantly pretty easy on the wallet.

9 Ways to Add an Artsy Touch to Your Life