Abacus : Calculation at your fingertips.

The image describes how learning is made fun with Abacus.

The term ‘Abacus’ has been derived from the Greek word, ‘ABAX’ which means counting table. It was invented by Tim Cranmer.  The discovery of this tool has proven to be a boon for those who struggle with number crunching. Many of us, including me feel quite nervous or lack confidence when doing simple & basic Math calculations like, 8+6 or for that matter, simple multiplications. When you are not able to ace a particular task, doesn’t mean that you are weak at it, you just need to put in more effort.

I remember, on very first day of school & college during the Math lecture, the very first question that our subject teacher used to ask was, “How many of you are SCARED of Math” and almost 60% of the class had their hands raised up. When we are scared of something we find an excuse to run out of the problem, because we are not sure about the outcome. The same theory goes for Math, it seems that the subject conveys a powerful message like, you can love me, you can hate me but you can’t ignore me, true that! In every career choice, at some point you will be asked for application of math, you can’t run away from it, just find a way to deal with it. Make learning fun by using Abacus for it.

Abacus helps you to solve basic and complicated math at your fingertips. The Abacus tool has beads & a rod, it represents the units’, Tens, Hundred’s. It makes a process easier, and once you get the hold of that tool and with thorough practices, you can even do mental calculation, making the calculation process lot faster. The Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication & Division at your fingertips plus fun guaranteed. Be clear with basics and Abacus will definitely help you to overcome the fear of Math as a subject and will boost your self-confidence.

Benefit of using Abacus tool:

  1. It helps you to get command on Math:

Math is not a subject, where you can just learn the formula and boom you become a professional, it takes time and rigorous practice because different sums require different application.  Abacus teaches you techniques which can be universally applied thereby giving you an upper hand to have command at it.

  1. Increases the retention power & improves concentration:

At the very beginning of Abacus class, you are asked to solve some exercises which includes, using both your hands to write number, several images are to memorized.  When you constantly work on these things, you generate a photographic memory which helps in improving concentration and memorize images.

  1. Boosts Self-Confidence:

Abacus system has a global approval because of which there are various competitions which are conducted at State level, National level & international level. When you enroll for the Abacus class, you are being trained to participate in such competitions. It offers you a platform to showcase your skills, thereby boosting your confidence.

  1. It improves speed and accuracy:

When you visually solve a math problem, automatically your speed increases, and with the right amount of practice, you deliver the accurate results. As mentioned earlier, there are various exams which are conducted, the purpose of the exam is to test your speed and accuracy, you are asked to solve a certain set of sums within a stipulated time period and Abacus helps you to optimize your time in solving those questions.

  1. Enhances your listening skills:

Mental calculations are the part of Abacus training, students need to pay a closer attention to the numbers & on the mathematical expression which teacher dictates. It further enhances the listening ability.

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