Advantages of learning Abacus at an early age

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Advantages of learning Abacus at an early age

Kids at an early age are like sponge. They easily absorb the elements that are feed to them. The younger the kid, the better and quicker they grasp and learn. Studies show that kids between the ages of 5- 10 years hold great grasping power.
As a parent, it is your responsibility to feed your child's talents with the best of knowledge and learning, and virtues that will guide him along the path in this competing world.
The two major barriers that kids have always been facing are the two dreaded subjects- Language and Math. Math is a one tone language to speak everywhere and is very important. Many kids, as well as adults, loathe math. The major reason people despise math is because it is difficult to understand. And that's where Abacus has a role to play. Abacus not only creates interest for math, but also makes it fun and easy to understand. Abacus not only helps in developing your child's math's skills but other important skills such as grasping power, ability to understand better and solve problem quicker.
Here are a few advantages of learning Abacus at an early age

Enhanced Motor Skills

Abacus is a play set with of a set of beads that helps in easy calculation. It is an instrument designed in such a manner, which requires fingers to move around the beads, thus becoming a great brain stimulator. It helps in developing primary motor skills.

Problem Solving Ability

It helps your child to understand and resolve the toughest of equations and teaches them how to do it without any pretense and imparts them skills to solve problems easily.

Improving Concentration

Concentration is vital in leading a problem-free smooth life. Abacus helps in improving the concentration skills.

Improves Memory Power

Working on beads to be counted, helps in boosting the memory power. It also improves retention power that comes in handy in the long run.

Reduces Stress

Abacus can be a great stress buster and can help one release all the unnecessary stress. The simulation of brain can calm down anxiety levels and help one become stress-free, which results in more concentration.