Art , Emotion & Expression.

The image describes about how Art provides an outlet for Emotion and expression.

Pablo Picasso quotes Art as, “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

Over the years, art has helped me to improve my mood, when I feel anxious, I simply take a pencil and start scribbling, it makes me feel relaxed. It calms the chaos in the life. A personal experience made me believe more in art, it was 9:30 at night, I was scrolling down my Instagram feed, and came across a video from a popular Instagram handle, the video depicted a man from a rural region who was using black ink to create portraits of famous celebrities. He was neither having a color pallet nor did he have the paint brushes, the only thing that kept inspiring him was the support from viewers. He turned a deaf ear to the background noises, his surrounding and kept concentration on his artwork, for that was his outlet for the emotions. I was taken aback on how I keep demanding for a particular tool to make that picture perfect when in reality, the only thing that should really matter is what your art is trying to convey.

Art has power to communicate your emotions, when you are angry, you find yourself scribbling on a paper. when you are happy you see yourself making smiley faces on a paper, when you are sad, you are just randomly drawing lines. If you think that repressing your emotions or denying your feelings helps in combating your negative mood you are wrong, instead it makes you more restless, and insecurities build up.  You can’t create an outlet for your emotions until you accept them. When you engage yourself in Art, such as drawing, painting, crafts, you are distracting yourself from negativity that surrounds you. You are in a better place, to be more precise, at peace.

As simple as it sound, even colors have their own language, it’s called the color psychology, when you add Red color, it reflects energy, brings the vibrant side of the picture. When you add Blue, it creates a soothing & calming effect. When you add Yellow, it symbolizes happiness, warmth. Deciding which color to add in your art, expresses your current mood or the emotion that you are going though.

Art guides you to explore yourself better, when indulging in an art, craft activity, question your purpose behind it, e.g.: When you are creating an abstract art, and when you draw a first brush stroke, question yourself on what made you do so, this will help your thoughts to flow freely.  Don’t judge your art when you are expressing yourself, you are not creating it to impress someone or you are not doing it to brag a prize at painting competition.  Don’t be hard on yourself if you are making a mistake, learn to embrace them, for every time you think of yourself as a person who can’t be an artist, remember, every artist was once an amateur.

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