Be your own boss using your creative skills

Creative Skills

Do you often get complimented for your creative skills? Are you everybody's go-to person when they want to make something artistic? You can use these skills to earn a little extra money doing what you love and enjoy. If you are blessed with the gift of artistic creativity, you should utilize it the right way. With digital media trending, it has become easy for homemakers to start and promote their small businesses at no or very low costs. If you have learned art forms like Mandala, Madhubani, Warli, Gond, and Nail Art, you can sell your art or conduct classes or workshops for the same. For can earn a minimum of Rs. 2000-2500/- by selling beautiful and elegant Madhubani and Gond paintings.

Here are few tips on how you can utilize your artistic mind for earning money the easy way:

Selling Art Online
With the help of social media, marketing has become easier for many small businesses. With the right idea and by joining the right networks, you can post your work online, share it in your network and get orders at your fingertips without investing money.

Many people have a desire to learn some of the other art forms in a very short period of time. You can start by conducting small art workshops for your friends and relatives. These workshops will help you promote your business more and you can also earn additional money from these workshops. Try to keep the fees minimum and focus on increasing the headcount for more publicity. Once it kicks off, you can increase the prices of the workshop.

Home Tuitions
Many parents like to get their kids engaged in painting classes or handwriting improvement classes which will help them get good grades. You can start conducting such classes in your home for your neighborhood kids. This will give you a dedicated monthly income.

Exhibitions and Art Festivals
You can also showcase and sell your art at art exhibitions and art festivals. Participating in exhibitions not only helps in getting your products sold but also increases your business networks which are free promotions for any artist.
Using these ideas, you can be your own boss doing what you love the most in your downtime. You can try our certified courses for Handwriting improvement, Abacus, Calligraphy, Madhubani, Mandala, Warli, Gond, Chinese One Stroke Painting, Nail Art, and Mural Art.

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