Best HANDMADE GIFTS you can make this festive season

Handmade Gifts

Best HANDMADE GIFTS you can make this festive season

India is a country of different communities belonging to different religions. So we get to see various different festivals being celebrated in our country with great joy and happiness. These festivals reflect our rich cultural heritage. Though these festivals are marked by different communities yet people come together to celebrate them without any hatred.
It's the time of the year when one needs to be ready with great gifting ideas. The best gifts are handmade. You can't buy love but you can buy handmade items and that's kind of the same thing. Gift handmade things because there's nothing more special like it. Love, creativity, and dedication that's what go into handmade.
Some examples of Handmade Gift Ideas are:

Painted Table Coasters - A coaster is an item used to rest drink/cup upon. Coasters prevent the table from getting marked. This simple coaster can be remade with an artsy touch to it may it be decoupage or be Warli, Gond, or Madhubani Art.

Handmade soap/Bath bombs Set - Life is too short to use Boring Soap! We can call handmade soaps a gift of skincare and these make amazing gifts. These can be made of fruits, flower petals, neem, aloe Vera, Lavender, and many more.

Hand-painted coffee/tea mugs- Coffee/Tea tastes better in personalized mugs. These can be painted using any art form such as Gond Art, Madhubani painting, Warli painting, and many more.

Painted/decoupage bottles - Hand-painted bottles make great gift ideas. One can use the Decoupage technique to paint plain and simple-looking bottles so they can look attractive. Such painted bottles can be also used as Flower pots or simply using lighting to add a charming and luxurious touch to your home decor.

Handmade Jar Candles (Fruit/flowers) - Fruit/Flower scented candles adds charm to a table setting. Jar candles with fruit slices in them make the best smelling candles for your home. Similarly, candles with flower petals in them make the best gift idea.

Handmade Dry fruits box -This simple gifting idea used for so many years now can be retouched upon into something unique and attractive by giving those boxes a crafty touch.

- Bags can always make a useful gift. But hand-painted bags with various art forms such as Warli, Gond art, or Madhubani art can make them more attractive and amazing. This also gives the gift a special and personal touch.