Calligraphy: The unique art of writing


Calligraphy is thought to be one of the most seasoned types of writing in the world. It is believed that the first of the Persian written work began as right on time as 500 or 600 BC. This was utilized on the engravings on the monuments of the kings. Among the numerous calligraphers who were celebrated were Kalhor and Mir-Emad. Calligraphy is utilized today as an artistic expression and has turned into a leisure activity for people everywhere throughout the world. Seek the accompanying assets for more data on finding out about this remarkable craft of writing.

Whether it is wedding or occasion solicitations, text style plan or typography, unique hand-lettered logo outline, religious art, declarations, graphic design or a charged calligraphic art, cut stone engravings, or memorial documents….all are a case of the thriving specialty of Calligraphy!

Calligraphy is additionally utilized for props and moving pictures for film and TV, tributes, birth and passing endorsements, maps, and other written works.

At Penkraft, we show you Calligraphy not just a strategy, but rather from the heart – utilizing the simplest equipment… be it a pencil, a fountain pen, a calligraphy nib, a charcoal piece or whatever other protest of day by day use around the house...any and each one of these is amiable to making a beautiful calligraphic example! We encourage your creative ability and test your inventiveness! In this modern calligraphy workshop, you will get the hang of everything about how to begin with idiosyncratic manually written lettering styles. Also, you will figure out how to write with a conventional fountain pen, utilizing lightness and pressure to make excellent thin and thick strokes. We will cover pen "pressure and release" methods along with the basics of illustrating letters.

Besides, you will be introduced with various inks, pens and papers, and in addition consider how to pick the best materials for your own work. This is a useful, casual class and the attention will be on having a great time while learning. We additionally show you to look after your instruments and how to clean and maintain them.