Everything You Need to Know About Resin Art

Resin art

Everything You Need to Know About Resin Art

As a resin artist, I'm always asked the same questions. "What are you working on? How long is it going to take?" "Is it worth it?" and so many more. So I decided to write this guide in hopes of giving you all a comprehensive overview of what resin art is and how to get started!

What is resin art?

Resin art is a type of art that uses resin to create sculptures and other objects. The material is a durable and colorful polymer, which has been used by artists for centuries to create beautiful works of art.

The benefits of resin include:

  • It's durable; you can leave your work around for years without worrying about it breaking or cracking.
  • It's weatherproof; if you find yourself in an area with lots of rain or snowfall, your piece will stay protected from the elements.
  • It comes in many different colors and styles so you can choose how you want it to look based on what suits your tastes best!

Basic techniques for resin art:

There are many different ways to apply resin art. The most basic technique is to mix the resin, dip a brush or roller into it and then paint over your piece of paper with that mixture. You can also use trowel-like tools and applicators made specifically for this purpose, such as an airbrush or spray gun.

If you want to add more detail or color to your pieces, there are several techniques that can be used alongside one another:

  • Mixing colors by hand (using liquid mediums)
  • Adding pigments directly onto paper using brushes/rollers
  • Spraying pigments from an atomizer onto paper using brushes/rollers

Resin Art tips and tricks:

  • Use a heat gun to soften the resin.
  • Use a drill with a sanding bit to create intricate patterns.
  • Use a Dremel tool with small drill bit to create fine details.
  • Use hot glue gun for small details and for attaching small objects

Resin art can be a fun hobby and learning some basic techniques from the pros can help you start your journey as an artist sooner.

Resin art can be a fun hobby and learning some basic techniques from the pros can help you start your journey as an artist sooner. You don’t have to be a professional artist or even an expert in order to create resin art. Many people are making their own pieces at home, using various methods of creating resin pieces.

There are many different ways that you can make resin art, including:

  • Using polymer clay (a mixture of clay powder mixed with water)
  • Sculpting plasticine (a modelling material made from modelling clay)
  • Pouring liquid plastic into moulds.


Resin art is a fun hobby, and it can be easy to get started with the basic techniques. With some practice and patience, you will soon be making beautiful pieces of resin art that you can proudly display in your home or office.

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