Handwriting is the Imprint of the Self on the Page

Handwriting is the Imprint of the Self on the Page

Handwriting is a mirror of your personality

It is an unconscious habit. We leave our identity in the subtle characters of our writing.
The handwriting experts claim that your handwriting definitely has to do something about your personality. How you craft letters and words can indicate more than 5,000 different personality traits, according to the science of graphology, also known as handwriting analysis.

In the early 1900s, Milton Newman Bunker invented the most common graphology technique called graph analysis. (Other methods of graphology predate Bunker's work. His approach relies on the stroke shape of the letters. Graphoanalysts look at variables like the up slants or down slants of letters like l, k, and t, the size of the first letter in relation to the other letters, the entire line of writing slanting up or down, and the shape of ending strokes of letters like and among many other aspects.
No two people have the same handwriting it's as unique as our fingerprints.

Your determination, your goals, willpower, persistence, intellect, initiative, ambition, imagination, self-confidence, vanity, repression, aggression, resentment, anger, integrity, and above all sociability can all be determined from the way you write. Whether you write slant or broad or slim.

Deeply forward A person whose handwriting has a very strong slant to the right relates well to others but is quick to react and can lose control. They may also be subject to mood swings. Vertical handwriting is seen in people who control their emotions and rarely show them. For them, rational thought overrules emotions or head over heart, as some might say.

Leftward slant This is a characteristic of the introvert. Someone whose handwriting slants to the left often does not invite closeness or intimacy, is independent and aloof.
Large handwriting shows a broad perspective of life, a need for recognition, someone who sees the big picture and has a low boredom level.

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