Hobbyist level DIY kits launched by Penkraft – What to expect & where to buy them.

Hobbyist level DIY kits launched by Penkraft – What to expect & where to buy them.

With a 20+ years domain experience in art, edutainment and education, Ms Pallavi Samant Desai founded Penkraft in 2015 at Thane - a woman-pioneered, women-oriented brand to help home-makers set up their own home-based business of conducting children's classes in Handwriting, Calligraphy, Abacus Maths, Vedic Maths, Phonics and various Art forms. Establishing the brand's own Activity Centers run by these trained teachers was the next logical step, and the brand then also expanded into conducting workshops for both, adults and children.

What are Hobbyist Kits?

Penkraft recently launched Hobbyist level kits for their Madhubani artform on different surfaces. These hobbyist kits are similar to their expert level kits except the surfaces on which the art is done are pre-engraved as compared to their expert level kits in which a stencil with the design is provided to trace on the surface. These hobbyist kits are targeted towards people who are beginners and pursuing art for leisure, or as a hobby. As it doesn’t require much precision and accuracy to trace the intricate designs of the Madhubani painting artform. You can learn Madhubani painting from scratch with this beginner-friendly DIY kit. And to learn and master this artform Penkraft also provides you a video tutorial for FREE.

Hobbyist kits available for which surfaces and artforms?

Currently Hobbyist kits are only available for Madhubani painting artform. But they are available on a variety of surfaces. You can order these from our website at https://diy.penkraft.in/ArtFormDetails/EthnicArtForms/Hobbyist

These kits are available on different surfaces like Round MDF, Round MDF Clocks, MDF Pen stand, MDF Tray with Square Tea Coasters, MDF Chopping board, Square MDF, Round MDF Tea Coasters with stand, and Square MDF Tea Coasters.

Are there going to be more Hobbyist kits in the future?

Yes, these hobbyist kits are loved by everyone. People who do art as a hobby or are not very good at it or they are just getting into art absolutely love our hobbyist level DIY kits. Soon we will be launching our kits for other artforms and surfaces. To stay updated please follow us on the social media platforms.

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