How Abacus is a Mathematical Exercise for the Brain

abacus maths

Abacus is the science of learning and performing operations of mathematics such as multiplication, division, addition and subtraction in a shorter period of time and with much easy using a frame tool with beads sliding on wire or rods. Abacus can be taught to all the young minds between 7-14 years of age.
With abacus being integrated with mathematical operations and calculations, it is not just limited to the art of learning Math easily. Dissolving complex calculations into simple ones is now easy with the advent of abacus.
Abacus isn't just related to the relevance of mathematics. It is not just a learning skills of math, but it also helps your child to enhance many other related skills. As our body needs exercise, so does our brain. It needs a reliably physical workout which helps to keep itself fresh and makes you sharpen the memory. Abacus is purely based on mathematical and soft skills that need to you to be logical and alert to solve the problems. This keeps your brain very active by training it to be prepared for tough and complex times.
Mathematics being a logically solved subject. When you practice more, it makes your brain tickle and tackle the problems more efficiently and helps you to cope with difficult problems better. It also makes your brain sharper. And as we all know sharper the brain, better the grades. Abacus learning also helps in enhancing the other related skills such as the following:
Enhanced Motor Skills
Abacus is a set of beads that help in calculating with ease. It is an instrument designed in a manner which requires fingers to move around and is a great brain stimulator. It helps in developing primary motor skills.
Problem Solving Ability
It helps your child in solving the toughest of equations and teaches them how to do it without any pretense and imparts skills to solve problems easily.
Improving Concentration
Concentration is vital in leading a good life. Abacus helps in improving the concentration skills since primary ages.
Improves Memory Power
Working on the abacus with the beads to be counted and remembered helps in improving the memory power. It also improves retention power that comes handy in the long run.
Reduces Stress
Abacus can be a great stress buster and can help one release all the unnecessary stress. The simulation of the brain can calm down anxiety levels and help one become stress-free within a few times of using the abacus.
The above-mentioned points with the help of learning mathematics help to improve your brain activities and abilities which in turn helps to learn better and make you smarter.