How Art Touches Us In Our Everyday Lives?


How Art Touches Us In Our Everyday Lives?

Have you ever thought about what exactly Art is? It has no fixed definition. There are many sub-categories and types of arts, spread across every skill, ability, and instrument. Some of them being warli painting, abacus, mural, etc. You must have tried quite some of them, especially drawing. Since your school days, most probably you have devoted special hours to learn some arts, but what about art in our everyday life?

Some of the skills required to master the various arts and become artistic are Observation, Imagination, Creativity, and Visualisation. It is only through your observation skills that you will detect the presence of art in your everyday life. Art has no limits. Right from the moment you wake up in the morning till you go to sleep, art touches us in many ways.

Just notice the design of the bedsheet when you get up, the neatly engineered bed, the way the toothpaste comes out of its tube, the Mandala art paintings on your house walls. Even the way your mother makes tea for you is an art in itself. The design on your attire which you wear to office/school, the content you write there is also an art which is called as calligraphy writing.
Depending on what and how we perceive, anything can be called as an art, or work of art. The small design on the gates of your school/office also is an art. While going back home, look at the  "Madhubani-painting" Madhubani paintings in the shop window, sometimes even the clouds would align in such a way that it will look like art.

You listen to music and watch movies during your travel on your mobile, well that is also an art, from the performing arts category. Art can bring a smile to our faces, make us happy, influence our thoughts and lift our moods too. Since the existence of man himself, art and craft have been around. We just need that open-mindedness, that observation skills to feel all the arts around us and improve our lives, fill colors in it.

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