How Handwriting Expresses Personality?

How Handwriting Expresses Personality?

The study of handwriting is known as graphology and has been practiced for hundreds of years. Professional forensic graphologists have worked on many court cases to use handwriting to link suspects with crimes.

Handwriting is particularly important legally in the case of signatures and proving whether signatures are real or forged can be pivotal. Graphologists also work to verify whether autographs are real or fake. Some handwriting analysts also study writing samples to determine personality types and some businesses commission this analysis before hiring new employees. The method is even sometimes used to help couples see if they are compatible

What Does Handwriting Say About Your Personality? What is the link between handwriting and personality?

According to graphologists worldwide, there is very little you can't tell from a person's handwriting. From physiological conditions like high blood pressure and schizophrenia to personality traits like dominance and aggression: if you can write by hand, graphologists can analyze you. Everything from the size of your letters to how closely you space words can reveal intricate details of your personality. Here are some of the most common handwriting features you can study and learn more about your personality type:

1. Letter size
In general, the size of your letters can reveal whether you are shy or outgoing. Compared to a standard lined sheet of paper, if you write with tiny letters that do not reach the top line, you are likely to have a timid and introverted personality. If you write with large letters that go over the top line, you are the opposite: outgoing, confident, and attention-seeking.

2. Word spacing
Studies suggest that those that space words widely like freedom and independence, whereas those choosing to write with small spaces, prefer to be among others and hate to be alone.

3. Dotting
The way you dot, or don't dot, your &  says a lot about your personality; those placing the dot high have imaginative personalities and those writing it off to the left tend to procrastinate. If your handwriting shows a circle instead of a dot then you allegedly possess a childlike quality, and using a dash is said to be typical of overly critical individuals. Only organized and emphatic people place the dot firmly above the & when writing by hand.

4. Crossing your T
The length of your T-cross reveals further personality traits; long crossers are purportedly determined and enthusiastic, and short T-crossers are lazier.

5. Pen pressure
If you apply a heavy pressure when using a pen or pencil then you are committed. Really heavy pressure is said to reveal uptight qualities. Light pressure denotes sensitivity and empathy.

6. Signature
What does your signature say about you? Illegible signatures (those that resemble a squiggle) speak of someone that is private and closed. A readable signature shows self-confidence.
Is handwriting and personality analysis accurate? It is difficult to draw firm conclusions as we often change our handwriting style in response to our mood or different writing materials; have a look at your own handwriting today and decide for yourself.
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