How Penkraft Works For Women Empowerment

Women Impowerment

How Penkraft Works For Women Empowerment

"Women Empowerment"
In today's age where lucrative side hustle is gaining increasing popularity, it is astounding to note that an increasing number of women besides men are opting for their own businesses in order to create a mark for themselves. And women today strongly believe in being independent and creating an identity for themselves.

Moreover, many statistics are pointing out that the trend of starting a side hustle is more popular among the millennial generation. Many passionate people are starting their dream business while also managing their day job side-by-side.

And recognizing this growing interest among women in opting for a new hustle, Penkraft keeps organizing workshops on a frequent basis exclusively for women to be a Penkraft-certified teacher for various courses such as Calligraphy, Handwriting (English and Hindi), Abacus, Madhubani, Craft and much more. The main objective is to provide support for women who aim to be independent and wish to carve out an identity for themselves.

With workshops offering women to become Penkraft-certified teachers, they get to:

Work from home
Avail free lifetime marketing support
Pay no franchisee or royalty fees
Buy training kits at discounted prices
Create goodwill for yourself and get to be a part of a growing brand

Interested in making your passion your hustle? Then Penkraft is the perfect place for you!