Living and working in a metro like Mumbai can be quite hectic – yes, that is an understatement and those of you who live and work here would immediately guess that! Rising early, rushing to the railway station to ‘catch’ the ubiquitous ‘local’ train, commuting in a crowded compartment, struggling to get out at the destination station, walking-cum-running though the crowded streets to make the ‘muster’, and then work, work and more work at a fast pace till late hours in the evening, and, finally of course, the entire morning routine of a journey back in the reverse….doing this six days a week and then simply catching up on the lost sleep on the Sunday weekly off – it was an automaton’s life that I was living to make both ends meet and this was really getting to me day after day, month after month, year after year……

….until I found my solace in art, and that too, quite accidentally! It was on my journey back home in the evening that I came across this art-form of Mandala while browsing the internet on my mobile. I decided to try it out on reaching home – since it required minimal equipment – just a pen and a paper would do – and I was hooked! And yes, it changed my life – well, my outlook towards life – instead of being the automaton that I had become, I transformed into a bundle of excitement and energy – leaving for work happily, knowing that I would return in the evening to my pastime of Mandala, working diligently through the day to ensure I got to leave the workplace in time, rushing back home in anticipation, and then indulging in my ‘raison-de-etre’ – art! Most importantly, I was immensely happy and completely at peace with the world, and myself!

There is a growing scientific evidence proving that art improves brain function. It has an effect on the brain and emotional patterns, the nervous system, and can actually increase serotonin levels. Art can change a person’s perception and the way he or she connects to the world! It is a great way to express emotions, deal with complex emotions, and seek relief without words.

You do not have to see a therapist to experience some of the therapeutic benefits of art. There are many simple activities which you can try in the comfort of your home such as art printing, painting, collage, pottery, etc. It doesn't matter which medium you choose. The only important thing is that it should be comfortable to use.

Creating art will give you the opportunity to slow down and explore any obstacles you may have. Art therapy is known to improve the mental health of people suffering from addiction, anxiety, attention deficits, grief and loss, dementia, depression, eating disorders, physical illness, trauma, relationship issues, and much more.

Finally, we should not focus on the final product but the procedure we go through for reaching that point and the motivation we receive. It is all about communication and how it motivates you. All that is needed is the willingness to attempt it.

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