How your Handwriting represents you


How your Handwriting represents you

It is said that a person's shoes and handwriting speak a lot about them. Speaking metaphorically, your handwriting is like your face on paper. It is critical to have good handwriting as it is going to be used by you on your important documents such as bank accounts, corporate papers, etc.
The study of handwriting is called Graphology. It has been in practice for hundreds of years and still is a very popular field of occupation, particularly in the West. Graphologists use the links in your handwriting to decrypt your personality and characters to decode cases and critical situations. Graphologists have an ongoing debate on how one’s handwriting can change the fate of their personality.
It also matters if what you write is written in block or Cursive letters. As some belief, cursive writing helps you channel your brain more efficiently and portrays your personality better. Your first impression of a stranger person is made by your handwriting and that's why it's important to understand how your writing represents you. Let us study how the various factors below pin or decode your personality traits.


It might surprise you to know that the size of the letters can determine the characteristics of your personality. Big letters exhibit outgoing, extroverted kinds of people, whereas the smaller letters portray the opposite i.e. shy and introverted traits of a person.
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Spaces between words

It's fascinating to know how small space can portray your personality. People who leave long spaces are referred as free-spirited, independent, whereas the one who writes with squeezed spaces are concluded to be in the company of others.

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Crossing your T

The strokes that you make while writing the letter T are also a hidden trait that can be identified from the length of the strokes made for T. People writing a longer T  are identified as enthusiastic while people drawing short a  T are considered lazier than others.

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The dots over the letter or no dots show the possible personality traits - the dots of placed far shows higher expectations and imaginative traits. A dot too close indicates an organized and detail-oriented mind.
The dot towards the left shows procrastinating qualities. The people who draw a small circle instead tend to have childlike qualities and the people who put a dash are referred to as critical.

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Pen pressure
The amount of pressure applied by you while writing is also a factor in consideration. The high pressure you apply while writing using a pen or pencil indicates commitment, anger, and tension. Whereas low-pressure handwriting indicates a light-hearted, sensitive, and empathetic personality.
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Your signature is a very important part of your handwriting as it goes out on the most important documents of your life. If your signature is legible or readable that shows self-confidence and comfort in your own skin. Whereas the illegible or squiggly signature shows more of a private person and a closed person.