Imagination: The beginning of Creativity


The one thing that can keep us from getting bored is Imagination. It is something which we start doing right from our childhood. We start forming ideas, images and sensations in the mind without any input of the senses. It is the first concrete step to create something new, although the first requirement is will to create.

Many great people have asserted the importance of imagination. Without it the world as we know and see today was just not possible. What we see today around us, all the inventions, all those things that have made our life so easy to live, were born in the mind of their inventor, because he/she was creative enough to do that.

But how was it born in his/her mind? The answer is imagination. All the great inventors first started to imagine a solution for a problem, an idea to make a certain work easy for us. For e.g. Abacus; it has made solving complex problems easy for our ancestors; even now it is used to calculate. Imagination itself is a great tool to solve our problems.

If you want to become creative, you have to start imagining, you need to be willing to take in new possibilities. It is possible to become great in art and craft with the help of imagination. To begin the process of imagination, you just have to ask one question to yourself – what if? And proceed with the possibilities.

To be good at the fine arts of warli painting, mural, madhubani paintings, Mandala art, glass painting etc. You ought to have creativity, and the beginning of creativity is Imagination. What we start to do as children, we must continue it during our whole lifetime; who knows, out of nowhere, we will create something great or solve a big, persistent problem. Thus, imagination needs to be an integral part of us.

Hope this article enlightened you. We at Penkraft look forward to your valuable feedback. Penkraft is an organisation dedicated to teaching many art and painting forms, including Madhubani Art, calligraphy, abacus classes etc. and work for women empowerment.