Importance of Handwriting in the 21st century


Writing has a long history, since time immemorial. But, even today, handwriting has not got the importance that it deserves. To top it all, increased digitisation and typing is eating into the writing activity. But handwriting is a crucial aspect of childhood education which should not be ignored at all. It spurs growth in many cognitive areas of the developing brain, especially the phonics.

Handwriting is the most basic tool to express yourself to the world. Most of you must have experienced less marks in school and the reason was bad handwriting. Right from that time till adulthood, good handwriting becomes crucial for us for different reasons. There is a good amount of difference when you put pen to paper and write and when you type digitally.

Writing improves memory, we tend to learn and retain better when we do that. Which is why school teachers tell their students to write important content 5 times, 10 times etc. eg. Formulas, proofs, derivations etc. it can only be via practice that you can master handwriting. The longer you stay away from handwriting, the worse it will get for you when you attempt to write it the next time. For those who can’t do it on their own, there are special and specific classes focussing on improving your handwriting.

In this 21st century, already technological gadgets have taken over our lives. The millenials and today’s young children are already hooked on computers and smartphones. In this way it will become more difficult for the current and future kids to have a good handwriting. Most of today's successful people have emphasised the role of handwriting in their lives and success.

Although you can type faster than you can write, you get more time to think as you write on a paper, thus more probability for creative thoughts. Every person has a unique style of writing unlike typeface and becomes your public identity for life. Handwriting also helps in increasing our focus and concentration in what we are writing, something which typing can’t do.

Good handwriting does not come so easily, but it requires practice and regular touch with it. It is not something to be ignored but is a form of art. The importance of it is increasing by the day in this digital 21st century.