Introduction to Mandala Stones

Mandala Stone

Introduction to Mandala Stones

The word Mandala is basically derived from the classical Indian language of Sanskrit. It represents wholeness is far more than a simple shape. Mandala is a holy practice that involves Tibetan Monks in many other cultures.
Nowadays, people use Mandala images for artistic decoration or as an aid for meditation. But did you ever wondered Mandala can also be painted on stones too!
Mandala Stones are the latest trends that are going viral in Art  Craft world. The colorfully dotted patterns of mandalas on stones are very eye catchy and are quite easy to create. The great advantage of learning the art of painting mandalas on stones is that you don't require any expertise in painting the attractive dots on the stones. It is not so difficult to paint the dots on the stones. It is cost-effective and also requires very little material. With some simple tricks, you can get the hang of it in no time!

Materials used for Mandala stones:

Colors-  You can choose any different paints to make Mandala on stones. There is no hard-fast rule for selecting the paints in Stone Mandala. Consistency of the paint plays a vital role in Mandala stones. If the paint is too thick then more water needs to be added.
Brushes-  Here, selecting a proper paintbrush is very important. For this type of painting, you require pointed round brushes with simple synthetic bristles. You can also look for brushes with yellow or artificially white bristles. The tip of the brush should be pointed and the diameter should be rounded.

Stones- Stones can be found on any beach. The surface of the stones should be smooth for painting Mandala dots. Round and flattened stones are best for drawing Mandala dots. Ensure that the stones should be properly washed cleaned by using soap water.