Kerala Mural Art – reliving our history and reconnecting to our culture

Mural Art is have been started in the 9th-10th century. It is a realistic and historic art form that belongs to Kerala. The temple of Kerala is almost folksy compared to stylish, statuary art in neighboring Tamil Nadu. the southern state is known for its unique mural art. The earliest of these murals decorate the walls of the Thirunandhikara cave temple in present Tamil Nadu.

The painting of the walls is parenting a very stylish way of god, the painters have made the colors by vegetables and minerals. The main colors used in paintings are red, yellow, green, white, and black. The mural art is so attractive because of the details of art, the painters have been made like wide-open eyes, stretched lips, thick eyebrows, and their way of paintings made like the eyes in the shaping as Fish, lotus petals, water lily petals. and hairs be curly and wavy. Each figure has its own charm and attractiveness whether they are a woman or a man.

The tourist always takes these places in first priority, so they can show first our historic art form, The Mural art will be found in Kerala Churches and palaces. St Mary Sunoro church in Angamaly, the st George church at Paliekkara, and churches in Cheppad, Kanjoor, Paravur, Akaparambu, Angamly, ollur, Kadamattom, and Kottayam.

The connecting Mural art with our culture again because today's generation should know and should learn how art is made of. And the art is from our own country so it should not be skipped by anyone. Whoever dreamed to be an artist will find each and every form of art.

And today's generation only know about the art they learn from their schools.

Mural art is a historically attractive art and it represents our Indian culture. So the history of the art, who made this art form, on which location it was made, also make an important part.

And now whoever comes from other countries and they saw this type art so the get inspired and want to take with them if art is on some products.

So because other countries visitors showing their interest on historic arts that why the Mural art form we are hearing of and trying to reliving with our culture. Because now people are understanding that how art is so important and valuable and also want to do predict as this art form will also you will see in the NFT Blockchain market so there demand will be increase.

NFT is trendy now, so each and every artist showing and selling their arts on the NFT blockchain marketplace. And when you convert your art to NFT then it will get demand.

And the Mural art will again be reliving our history towards the new generation.

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