The Best Way to Clean New Nibs (Calligraphy Pens)

Calligraphy Pen

Calligraphy is a very delicate art, which is used to create beautiful artistic words using specific tools of calligraphy. Calligraphy is practised using calligraphy pens and ink. As this art form is delicate, the tools are equally delicate and have to been intensely taken care of.
The task of cleaning nibs has to be done tediously as a spoilt nib can spoil the outcome of the art and can also spoil the pen permanently. This damage happens due to the amount of oil present in the ink. It also happens due to other materials that get stuck in the nibs and the tubes, making it greasy and spoilt. For that, understanding the anatomy of a calligraphy pen nib is very important. Then only can one clean it effectively.
The Ink Method
The ink method is one of the techniques which helps in cleaning the ink pen nib by using an inkpot, ink, water, and tissue or paper towel.
Take the ink pen nib and immerse it inside the inkpot containing ink and immerse the nib in it. Then proceed to wipe it with a damp paper towel. Repeat this multiple times for amazing results. The process can get a little tedious but it doesn't take any extra materials.
The Chemical Method
The chemical method uses a nail polish remover, a paper towel, and a cotton bud. Cover the nibs in the cotton bud and then dip it into the nail polish remover to clean up the nib. Dry it with a paper towel. It removes all the oil and dirt present in the nib.
This is one of the fastest ways to clean a nib, but one must be careful if using it for a colorful nib as it may remove the color of the nib.

This method is really quick but can also be tricky and should be practised carefully and with utmost care. Tools needed are a pen holder, a lighter or spirit lamp and paper towel.
Hold the nib with the help of pen holder only and hold it against the flame for a few seconds. It is a very quick and fun method to practice and gives good results.
he Potato Method
The potato method is another fun method and very useful when cleaning the entire set of nibs. Tools needed for this are a potato and a paper towel.
Stick all the dirty nibs in a cleanly washed potato and wait for 20 minutes. Remove the nibs and clean up with the damp paper towel for good results.
The Soap Method
This is the most used method to clean nibs an also most effective. A toothbrush, dishwasher soap and paper towel is all that is needed.
Take the nib and scrub it inside out with the toothbrush and clean up with the dishwasher soap and wash them later. After washing, wipe them dry with the towel and let them rest until fully dry. It is another tedious but effective method.

Hope these tips have made it easy to wash calligraphy nibs without spoiling them and having effective results to craft the beautiful art of calligraphy.