The Magic Of Art Therapy

The Magic Of Art Therapy


The outbreak of the novel Coronavirus the Covid-19 has wrecked our lifestyle. The guidelines issued by authorities has changed the way we learn, work & interact with people. Our everyday lifestyle has evolved. It’s the year 2021, almost a year after the outbreak and we are still facing the aftermath of it. While the services are slowly resuming, the one thing that remained constant is the “STRESS”. When things were normal, we used to stress about the commute, project deadlines, cleaning and organization of our homes, etc. and now we are stressed about Internet connection, background noises, etc.

Many of us believed that implementation of the Work from Home (WFH) Policy will prove to be a boon & improve the situation thereafter, but instead, the WFH has triggered more stress and mental health has taken a toll. The external factors are out of control, but what lies in our hands is the way we deal with them.

Art therapy works magic when dealing with stressful situations. It helps people to communicate and express their thoughts through Painting, Drawing, Music, Poetry, etc. The purpose of Art Therapy is to create a safe outlet to let go of your feelings and fear. The process is not to judge how well you are doing or what you have achieved, it is to make sure that you feel at ease, and have a sense of control over your physical & mental well-being.


The benefits of Art Therapy are as follows:

 1. It boosts self-esteem -

Often when we feel pressured by something, it results into anxiety because of which we may under perform in the tasks we are good at. Doodling, or painting helps to calm your mind, thereby boosting your confidence to ace the task.

2. Builds Self-Confidence

Art helps to express yourself better, when you create a particular art, it gives you the feeling of accomplishment. The feeling of accomplishment boosts the self-confidence.

 3. Relaxation for Mind & Body –

Keeping oneself busy while creating an art helps to neglect the other toxic thoughts for a while. It gives your brain a break from the usual thoughts & combats the negative mood.

4. It improves focus –   

It has been evident that training in Arts (Drawing, Dance, Music) boosts your retention power. It enhances your brain function thereby strengthening your attention span.

5. Increases Empathy –

The elements of art such as its vivid and vibrant colors, textures, the main subject of art stimulate our emotional quotient making us more empathetic.

The application of Art Therapy is not restricted to only adults, it is also useful for kids who seem to be nervous when working on school projects, for a child with special needs (Autism), it creates a safe outlet for their emotions and expression to float freely without being judgmental. It calms the chaos and gives them the vision to look at their life from a different perspective.

As Stephen Sondheim has rightly quoted,

 'Art, in itself, is an attempt to bring order out of chaos.

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