Tips on promoting art, what works best for you.

Tips on promoting art, what works best for you.

“Your Art is your seed and the Promotion/marketing is the Nurturing that you need to provide in order to sprout into the healthy strong Tree.” As an artist, it’s not enough to create art, you need to promote your artwork as well. Your creativity needs to be seen by people across the world. However, you need to plan to introduce your artwork to the art community.

Making sure that your Artwork reaches the right audience and potential buyers is crucial for achieving success. If you don’t make an effort to get your work out there, no one will be able to tell you how much they love it – or purchase a piece. If you’ve only begun your art career then you may have to build a reputation in your niche. 

Promoting your artwork should not feel overwhelming. You don’t have to do everything at once. One of the important things about successful promotion is to have a targeted specific aim in mind. This means that the very first step in promoting your artwork effectively is to decide what you want to achieve.

Create your own Videos :

The best platform to showcase your artwork and reach a potential audience is YouTube. It ranks two for search engines. Videos are one of the best ways to share content. Videos are a nice outbreak rather than posting a Blog. It’s easy to make and upload it on YouTube. 

Your site will benefit from all the traffic YouTube already gets. Your site will benefit from all the traffic YouTube already gets. Make videos that are related to your audience to segregate your market. 

For example, if you’re a Madhubani Artist, show others how to master a particular technique. For some inspiration on using videos on your website, take a look at our video page and for some extra tips on creating good art videos see Learn Madhubani Painting on Kettle with Penkraft!

This helps us  decide on the goals that you would like to achieve. Promote your art accordingly.

Guest Blog Post on Other Art Blogs :

Guest Blogging is not only the best way to get more traffic but also to create a Brand Recognition for your company. It gives the opportunity to introduce yourself to new readers to know more about your Brand. Find other Artists and ask them if you can write a Guest Blog. Offer them to share an inspiring story, like How to Demonstrate or Tip for making easy Artwork.

Your Guest Blog will include a brief description about your artwork and who you areand a link back to your Website or Blog. And by doing so, you’ll drive traffic back to your site where it can eventually lead to sales. This also adds to your credibility as an artist and an expert in your field. 

 Get Social : 

Get Socialized!! The best and fastest way to grow your Brand is to get socialized. Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram are the fastest way to build your Brand recognition for you and your Art Business. There are so many opportunities given to grow on Social media Platforms. It’s the most used site these days and easy to find your target audience. A strong brand is invaluable and serves to communicate credibility to your prospective customers, peers and business associates. 

The opportunities are virtually endless. In every industry, digital marketing is becoming more and more relevant. There are benefits like going Live and interacting directly with your customers. Getting instant feedback from your audience helps you to know where exactly you need to work on.

Let us know if you have any other methods of promoting your art online for free. How is it working for you? We’d love to hear about it – Call us on +91 7304044597 / 98 or mail us at and we will prepare a tailor-made digital marketing solution for you that will be effective, efficient and ‘value-for-money’!