What are the requirements for Madhubani painting?


Very few painting styles manage to capture your attention the moment you see them. One of them is the Madhubani painting. It is a very simple but intriguing art form and one speciality of it is that it has no restriction on the materials needed to make it. Besides the brushes, you can also draw it with many other materials. Let’s see what all things are required and can be used to make a Madhubani painting.

There are 5 distinctive styles in it, but the materials remain the same for all. A good thing about any art is that there ain’t any single fixed method to do it. Because of the flexibility that it offers, you can do it with a combination of the different materials and in different ways.

The essential materials to make a Madhubani painting are a cloth on which the painting will be made or a handmade paper, preferably a thick sheet of A3 size. If you are using cloth, then fabric colors are recommended, else poster colors can be used. A pencil, an eraser and a ruler is also a must. Fine tip brushes ranging from a size of 0 to 8. Also, have a color palette. Then a waterproof black marker or outliner also will be very useful.

Besides the above, you can also use a tracing paper and a carbon sheet for any customizations or editing or fine work. It is not necessary that only the fine tip brushes can be used to make a Madhubani painting. You can also make the drawings with the help of twigs, fingers, matchsticks, nib-pens etc. apart from the fabric colors and poster colors, you can also use natural pigments and dyes. 

Some of the materials required are common for many other art forms like warli painting, mandala art, glass painting, mural etc. most of these materials can be bought easily from any of your local stationery shops and are not expensive. The ruler is necessary because there are many intricate geometrical shapes to be drawn, which are one of its specialties. Armed with so many materials, just don’t limit yourself, let your creativity flow at full throttle.