What are the tools needed for calligraphy?


There will hardly be any art form where you will require little to nothing to create in it. Drawing and painting, esp. The different styles like Warli painting, Madhubani painting etc. require a lot of colours to make. Likewise, there are certain tools needed to create the different wonderful font styles in ‘Calligraphy’, the art of creative writing.

Although a basic Ink pen and a paper are sufficient, to begin with, calligraphy, here are all the tools to be a master in it.

Calligraphy Pens

The two basic parts are a holder and nib, and there are many nibs, larger ones will give wider lines and narrow nibs will give small lines. Nibs are used in cartridge pens and dip pens while felt tip marker pens don’t require them. Cartridge pens allow you to change the colors and switch the ink as and when you want. There are 2 different types of felt tip pens.


You will need to buy ink bottles if you are using a dip pen. They come in various colors and sizes of bottles. In the beginning, you might use the black color more as you will practice basic writing more and advanced writing later. So choose the color of the bottles accordingly.


In the beginning, a graph paper might be a good option to start with calligraphy practice. You also might get lines in the calligraphy books to practice. There is also a sketchbook for pen and ink to practice on.

Calligraphy books

This is where you will understand how to properly go with your calligraphy learning. These books, one at a time, either you will get at your classes or you can purchase for your self-learning. Most of them are fairly easy to understand and go step by step.

Pencil, Eraser, Ruler

These miscellaneous things are also important for the assistance that they provide to us, especially in the beginning of calligraphy writing. You will require guidelines to write some calligraphy fonts, hence a pencil and ruler.

It is really fun to gather all these things in one place and start with the calligraphy practice. This beautiful art, which is not as popular as painting, is easy to master with regular practice and correct instruments.