What Benefits do we get with Mandala paintings?

Mandala Painting

What Benefits do we get with Mandala paintings?

Images are a great form of visualization, a process that activates the creative centers of our brain; and as we visualize, imagine and go in the creative mode for new things, we completely forget any issues, worries in our lives. Mandala is the Sanskrit word for  Circle or  Wheel. It encompasses the idea of unity, wholeness.

Mandala art is in a circular shape, almost every time, which is one big USP of it as compared to the other art forms of warli painting, Madhubani paintings, glass painting, etc. many people acknowledge Mandala art to have healing benefits to those who draw it. Making mandala paintings can be a wonderful activity for emotionally expressing, meditation, centering our focus, and soothing ourselves.

Mandala paintings help in increasing our mindfulness and relaxation. The circles of the Mandala show that it is not just any ordinary drawing. You get to quiet the swirling thoughts and stress in your life and are lost in the process of just painting the mandalas with the next color, in a way, filling colors in your own life.

The circles of the mandala can represent so many things related to us, they can be our Earth, Sun, the orbits of the planets, our eyes, etc. at so many places we can see the mandala. There is not anything complicated about doing the mandala paintings. The fact that they are circular makes it easy for even young children to draw these amazing paintings with little practice.
There come some moments in our lives when we have to take big and brave decisions but don't know what to do next. At such times, it is better to sit to draw a mandala painting, with your favorite music, or just silence. You can light candles or some incense. Choose any design and just start to draw or paint it. You can customize it to any extent.

The amount and kind of calmness that you will get, just can’t be described. Finding the center, journeying from there to the outer periphery with colors, is such a fulfilling experience. The effects can resemble those of Meditation. Doing the mandala paintings regularly will definitely improve your life to a good extent.