What have you learned using social media for your art business?

What have you learned using social media for your art business?

Social media is the biggest platform nowadays, almost everything you can learn from social media and grow your business. By using social media you can keep up to date with the latest trends in your topics that you are interested in. A recent study showed that 81% of business owners using social media have experienced business growth.

With every new year, social media changes the way we interact with each other, making us more connected to the people and interests we love.

But finding your place in a world full of endless conversations seems almost impossible.

Here are some tips you can learn from social media and grow your business

  1. Promote your artwork

Always add new work to your website but don’t miss the opportunity to "show" your latest art to potential buyers via Facebook or LinkedIn posts or add them to the Pinterest section. You never know who might look at your pages for good art because most social media users are silent viewers or spectators. Many artists report that these viewers often turn out to be consumers. the more you can show the consistent record of selling artwork, the more likely you are to be represented by a gallery.

2.  Let people know you

Having your website that has your bio could also be an excellent start, but you'll use social media tools to offer potential buyers more and frequent glimpses of your product. For example, nature painter Jane Freeman's daily meditation posts on the surrounding environment on Facebook reveal her love and poetic views of nature, which supports her artistic creation. Likewise, your professional Facebook and LinkedIn pages often post about your artistic endeavors, which will keep people informed about your product. And don’t forget Pinterest, it’s another way to show your followers more of your product. About 900 million people use Facebook, 161 million members use LinkedIn, and nearly 19 million people use Pinterest. Many art collectors will have a better chance to meet you through social media.

3. Upload your art to social media

This makes it more likely to be shared. You can always include a link to a higher resolution image in your post description. For all the social networks you use, please be familiar with the image sizes they are assigned. Keep them in mind when posting new work, so you can fix them yourself rather than letting the website do it. Use hashtags with your art, By properly tagging your works, you can greatly increase your chances of gaining new followers and buyers.

4. Turn off your inner Salesman

We all know what sales promotion sounds like. We are bombarded by so many advertisements every day that we naturally try to ignore anything that even sounds of sales promotion. Don't let your customer think of you as a salesperson. Publish your thoughts, sketches, or details of the work you have done to break your time to drive purchases. And you don’t need to stop selling your art. All I have to learn to treat your followers like a normal person, not like a steady stream of cash

  • What I learn from Instagram

Consistency is important, remember? Check out the Instagram profile of anyone with 100k+ followers. Now calculate how many posts they upload per day. I’ve found that some of the most popular people on an Instagram post anywhere from 1 to 10 times a day!

However, as an artist, this is when you should definitely take advantage of Work In Progress posts.

Rather than directly posting a finished work, it is better to create suspense. As your masterpiece slowly unfolds, let people wait a few hours between each update. Continue to attract your followers by including short process videos showing the full modification of your work.

Also, you should focus on the quality of images, use high-quality images, give your business information. Invest in technology or software to help improve your product photos. And make them stand out with their unique composition or vivid colors.

  • What I learn from Facebook videos

End your videos with a call to action, not only ask followers, to like and comment but also ask to share and subscribe to the videos. As you may know, Facebook now allows us to see every time our friends comment or like other people’s posts on the site, more and more people can connect to the new page only through the activities of friends.

So what as an artist you can learn.

  1. Strongly convey your message or information through your videos.
  2. Make a personal connection with your audience.
  3. Efforts to inspire call-to-action without the feeling of being thrown out.

Check your Stats:

The only way to know if any of these are effective is to track your efforts. Write down your statistics and check them frequently. Be aware of the differences between the types of posts you publish, as well as any changes to the composition, topic, and overview.

Conclusion: Yes, your work is very important. But have you presented your work to enough people? Social media shows that the world's most popular artists can come from any background, artistic style, or level of difficulty. Mastering social media is totally up to you.

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