What your handwriting says about your personality


A person's handwriting is one of the best ways to understand their personality as it reveals a lot more than they imagine it to be. The science that involves studying and analyzing handwriting for personality traits is known as graphology; which gained high prominence in the 19th century due to progress in psychology. Primarily, when it comes to analyzing writing, there are four areas of focus: namely size, style, spacing, and slant. Through analyzing each of them, certain personality traits can be determined. According to expert graphologists, a mere analysis of a person's handwriting can reveal over 5,000 personality traits!
Analysis of the following elements of handwriting is used to know the person’s personality:

The size of your letters gives an in-depth look into your personality. The use of bigger letters implies you have a bigger personality reflecting your outgoing and extrovert nature; while the use of small letters reveals a contrasting introvert nature and are meticulous perfectionists with high concentration skills.


People who use the right slant in their writing tend to be highly emotional and give high priority to family and friends. On the other hand, people using left slants are great at self-analysis and are of a highly reserved nature. They can tend to get lost in the beauty of a painting or on any object that grabs their attention. People with no slant are very pragmatic and logical and do not let their emotions impact the decision-making process.


The spacing between words also reveals clues about one's habits and personal traits. People using wide spacing enjoy their own space and put up good boundaries and don't like to mingle much. They are also punctual. Little spacing means poor time management and can even end up over-scheduling themselves

The style of writing is also very effective for its analysis. The use of pointy letters implies the person is highly ambitious and has an intense character. People whose letters appear round tend to be creative, flexible, and artistic and like to avoid conflict.
So write a paragraph and see what the above analysis reflects about your personality! Join Penkraft to improve your handwriting skills!