Where all you can use Madhubani Painting

Madhubani Painting

Where all you can use Madhubani Painting

Madhubani or Mithila designs are beautiful representations of the Indian culture which has been traditionally observed in North India, and the artwork is gaining huge popularity and attraction not only in India but also on an international scale. The designs are creating waves in various fields as more and more artists are inclined towards the promotion of this form of artwork. Here are prominent fields where Madhubani has been creating waves successfully:

Sarees and Kurtis

With ethnic Indian wear increasingly gaining popularity, more and more fashion designers are incorporating the Madhubani designs on sarees, Kurtis, and other Indian apparel. Moreover, the designs are also gaining increasing popularity in international fashion weeks as well.


You can find home accessories like curtains depicting Madhubani designs which is grabbing an increasing number of eyeballs. They add an aesthetic touch to your interior decoration besides adding beauty to it.

Wall paintings
An increasing number of interior designers are opting for Madhubani artwork when it comes to wall paintings. And those who aren't, are getting requests from their clients to do so! The reason is simple: it beautifully conveys your aesthetic and creative side!


Those involved in the artwork of designing of lamps are also going for Madhubani designs, as it beautifully illuminates the room

Mobile covers

With this generation hooked to smartphones, innovation in mobile phone covers includes Madhubani designs to make the cell phone look more attractive!

Bag designs

Many bag makers are opting for this art form when it comes to designing to make the bags look more attractive.

Let the world know your aesthetic self..go for Madhubani paintings!