Why Gond Art is different from other styles?

Gond Art

What are the origins of Gond Art?

We Indians are so lucky to have a rich cultural heritage that has played a huge part in shaping up the country as to how it is today. Our monuments, religions, scriptures, geographical diversity, languages, dressing styles, paintings, etc. all have been varied and attractive even to foreigners. One such painting style worth mentioning is the Gond Art.

One of the largest tribes of central India, the Gonds, created this beautiful art form. Their rock paintings dating back to the Mesolithic period have been discovered. There are many reasons why Gond Art is different from others.
The rich mythological beliefs of the Gondi people have influenced their art forms. They express their pleasure to their deities via their paintings. Their most important god, Badadev, is symbolized via a Shaja tree and another important god, Thakurdev, is associated with the Pakri tree. Thus, these trees are more often found in Gond art. You will also find more of other flora and fauna in their paintings.

The one big thing which is immediately noticeable in the Gond art is the huge amount of lines, dah, and dots in it. The lines are drawn in the paintings in such a way that they impart a sense of movement in the paintings to the viewer. The colors used are also bright and vivid. Because of the dots, dashes, not much color is required to use.

The Gond paintings also depict stories of the people, their lives, their relationship with nature, etc. as most of these paintings were done during their festivals and ritual celebrations, these events are also seen in their paintings.
One more big reason why Gond art is different than other art forms is the way that the modern world discovered it. Gond art remained oblivious to the world until the 1980s. At that time, Jagdish Swaminathan, a renowned artist and newly appointed director of Bharat Bhavan art center in Bhopal, sent scouts in the hinterland to discover hidden art forms. That way he discovered Gond Art, courtesy of Jangarh Singh Shyam, a highly talented 17-year-old boy, painting his house external walls by Gond Art.
Practicing the Gond art is really fun. Today it is known all over the world. Truly, the beauty of Gond art can't be fully described.