Why learning ABACUS is a must for your child!


Is math your child's least favorite subject?'
Are you at your wit's end to make your child understand math?
Is your child's poor result in math affecting her overall grading?

The answer to coping with an increasingly competitive school environment and tougher studies is NOT to pressurize the child to study harder! Instead, the key is to make learning easier and interesting especially for the generally disliked subjects like Math.
Yes, Math can be fun! You can help your child learn math the easy fun way with Abacus training. Abacus is a calculating tool invented in 2700 BC for simple math calculations like counting, addition, and subtraction. Apart from the educational benefits, Abacus has many other positives that will help your child's overall development and growth.
Makes mathematic easier

This is probably the best benefit of the Abacus - it makes solving mathematics problems very easy for the child. Children who use Abacus to solve math problems are quicker with the answers, have no fear of mathematics, and perform overall better in studies compared to other kids.

Improves analytical skills
Abacus teaches your child multiple simple formulas to solve an abacus problem which enhances the child's analytical skills. With practice, a child learns to apply formulas quicker and starts solving problems in no time!

Builds Confidence
Learning Abacus will remove the fear of math from your child's mind making her confident and focused. It definitely makes children solve math problems faster than usual which results in them feeling more confident amongst peers.

Boosts memory
Abacus is proven to be a good memory booster for kids as well as adults. The techniques of the Abacus are taught with visualization which needs children to remember every step involved while solving a problem. Daily practice of Abacus boosts memorizing capacity.

Increases speed
The increased ability to solve mathematical problems automatically leads to an increase in speed while studying. This helps children solve exam papers quicker and perform better than others.

Penkraft's Abacus syllabus is scientifically designed by subject matter experts with decades of experience in teaching children and is perfectly suited to overcome the difficulties faced by the child in the Indian schooling system.