Why one should learn Mandala?


First and foremost, the people who know about the various art forms of India are in the minority. Among them too, those who know about the Mandala art, they are not aware of the unique properties of it. Yes, there are reasons why the mandala art form is different from other art forms like warli painting, madhubani painting etc.

No wonder, those who are a master at drawing mandalas, recommend it highly to others. The word ‘Mandala’ in Sanskrit means ‘Circle’. You must have noticed that most of the mandala drawings are circular in shape. It is deeply rooted in the Hindu culture. Symbolically, the mandala can represent anything, from a small insignificant ball to a microcosm of the universe. 

Learning mandala art is not that difficult; the process itself will give you a certain kind of satisfaction. The one big reason why you should master the mandala art form is that of its spiritual and healing properties. Since the Vedic times, and in many traditions, mandalas have been acknowledged to focus the attention of the practitioners.

Mandala art greatly helps in our meditative and spiritual progress. There are people who practice mandala exclusively for that. Dragging a pencil on the paper, bringing circles, geometries and loops come alive on it will certainly resonate with your daily life and happenings. The concentricity of the circles, the common centre captures your attention and helps you focus on it, on your task.

There is no limit for learning mandala, people of any age group and gender can practice it; besides the spiritual and mental health benefits, it also enhances our creativity, thinking power, and as you create something out of nothing, you get an immense satisfaction for having done something. It is generally accepted that art itself is therapeutic; that includes all the types of it, which are glass painting, mural, art and craft etc. but the mandala art is the best of them all.

Mandala art also helps you relax your mind and body. Whether you draw it or colour it, the circles of the mandala art offer a safe container to focus your thoughts, ideas etc. it is an instrument and a symbol of natural energy inside of you that encourages you to be more whole and stabilizes you. There is just no reason why not to learn the wonderful Mandala art.