Why should children learn proper handwriting?


The younger you are, the better it is to learn. This applies to most of the skills. Whether it is reading, speaking, language or writing skills. Some children understand the importance of handwriting after seeing their marks in exams. It has become crucial to teach children the proper handwriting skills as today’s generation grows up on keyboarding skills, thanks to their attraction for mobiles, PC etc. such tech devices.

There is no need to say that good handwriting contributes to good marks in exams. But there are other reasons why children should learn proper handwriting. Although not calligraphy, handwriting can also be called an art. Practicing handwriting helps in boosting memory as you use pen and paper for that; it tends to resonate better in our brains.

Learning proper handwriting when being children is better than when being teenagers or adults as the brain is still developing and thus, has plenty of room for improvement. Our brain usually gets fully developed by the age of 20, hence, at that time it becomes difficult to develop some skills like learning a new language or handwriting.

With time, the addiction of children to tech devices and typing on their screens is only going to increase. This can impact their handwriting skills. Hence it becomes necessary to specially teach handwriting to children. It makes a better impression if your child has good handwriting, not just to the teachers, but to everyone else too.

You cannot deny that writing is in every part of our lives, not necessary for just education and exams. It keeps the kids focused on their job. It is also good for the fine motor skills of the children. It helps to bring discipline into the lives of children. Good handwriting makes better spellers and writers in the future. It is essential for the overall confidence of the children that they should be having a good handwriting.

If children are not taught proper handwriting right from the beginning, the situation will only get worse. In the end as adults, they might even find it difficult to get a job. So, as you can see, learning proper handwriting is not only about getting good marks in exams but is much more than that.